The Benefits of Staying in Self-Catering Hotels

The cost of hotel accommodation largely continues to remain unchanged in the face of increased travel worldwide. However, budget-savvy travellers, and those travelling on a limited budget are now turning to self-catering hotels like Amhurst Hotel as a viable and less expensive alternative. Though, you might be wondering how a self catering hotel in London differs from a catered hotel. Both provide accommodation, yet the former provides facilities for guests to prepare meals and, in some places, do their laundry.

On the other hand, a catered hotel will usually provide breakfast, lunch and dinner through a restaurant or the like, which means never having to suffer through a breakfast of dry toast and over-cooked baked beans, or a heated up can of soup!

Food is one of the major considerations when it comes to a self catering family hotel in London. Imagine you have 3 small children and they prefer having lunch at different times. Room service from a catered hotel can result in an eye-popping bill at the end of the stay. However, self-catering allows you to prepare food as and when you need it, keeping travel expenses low.

Additionally, such accommodation encourages travellers to sample local cuisine, as these hotels are usually found in central locations where eateries abound. Having to prepare your own meals also allows you to shop locally, which provides travellers with the opportunity to experience local culture that is more “real” than one may experience on a hotel-guided tour.

Aside from food, staying at a self-catering hotel can also mean paying less for local tours. While all arrangements are made on your behalf, at catered hotels you would usually pay more for such conveniences in the form of higher room rates. In contrast, a self catering hotel in London would provide information on tours or locations of interest, to which the guest can travel independently, without being hit with the extra costs. Furthermore, travelling independently, using the city’s public transport systems is often a better way of getting to know the city.

A burgeoning sign of the times, self-catered hotels like the Amhurst Hotel provide all the conveniences of catered hotels but without the attached price tag.


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