Avoid the Rush Hour Crush, Have a Hotel Crash Pad

Business travelling in London is not easy, particularly during the rush hour. Public transport is jam packed, meaning that it can take hours to get home. If you find that this is the case for you then you may wish to consider low cost hotel rooms in London, like the Amhurst Hotel.

The Amhurst Hotel is very close to the centre of London with excellent connections, making it incredibly easy to travel to and from work. It takes a maximum of twenty minutes to get from the Amhurst Hotel to the centre of London. There are many reasons as to why those on business find it useful to use cheap business accommodation rather than trying to battle the rush hour.

Transport – As mentioned above, transport in London during the rush hour is hectic. The majority of people will find that they have to stand on public transport, which can be uncomfortable, especially after a hard day of work. By staying at business accommodation in North London, business men and women need not worry about having to combat rush hour public transport all the way home.

Less Stress – Travelling during the rush hour can be incredibly stressful, especially with the amount of people travelling at the same time. By staying at the Amhurst Hotel business men and women are able to drastically reduce the stress that comes with travelling during the rush hour.

More Time – By avoiding the rush hour, business men and women are able to have more time to themselves in order to relax and enjoy everything that London has to offer. In turn, this reduces stress levels and fatigue, and also makes work far more enjoyable.

If you, like thousands of others, work in the centre of London but live elsewhere, then why not considering low cost rooms during the week. Peaceful surroundings, free WI-FI, convenient parking and bike storage – visit www.amhursthotel.co.uk for more information.

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