Save money with Amhurst Hotel – the Budget Hotel in London

It doesn’t matter what your needs are as the Amhurst budget hotel in North London is guaranteed to save you money when you visit the city. To help you keep on top of your budget, the hotel charges per night and rates are extremely good value.

Just 10 minutes walk away from several mainline train stations, visitors and tourists can relax knowing they can easily gain access to the city centre. Spending so little on accommodation also means that you’ll have money to spend on day trips and exploring London. Not only that, the budget hotel is just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Hackney and Islington where a whole array of restaurants, bars and shops can be found, perfect for mooching round.

The Amhurst Hotel is not only clean and comfortable, but offers visitors a vast amount of amenities at no extra cost. Guests can take full advantage of the free Wi-Fi if you have your laptop or Smartphone with you. There’s also free parking for anyone who has hired a car. Free parking is extremely rare in London and is certainly a great advantage to guests.

The hotel also boasts self-catering amenities, which is wonderfully convenient for families with children who need to eat at different times. It is also a great way for visitors to save money, as eating out on a daily basis can soon get very expensive. Local shops provide the basic ingredients to allow you to cook in at your convenience.

To continue to keep costs even lower, guests can opt to use the share bathrooms. Thanks to the immaculate cleaning and exceptional hygiene standards that the hotel offers, you won’t be disappointed with how you find the bathrooms. But for anyone who desires a little more privacy, there is also the option of paying a little bit extra for an ensuite bathroom. Towels are provided for everyone, as well as clean bedding.

The sizes of the rooms are very comfortable and cater for single travellers or families depending on your needs. Children are always welcome at the Amhurst Hotel and families of up to five can be catered for in one room.

Compared with other hotels in the area, Amhurst Hotel offers extremely good value and visitors can expect a peaceful and relaxing time. This hotel may be budget accommodation, but there is nothing ‘budget’ about what’s on offer.

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Need to stay in London with the kids but on a tight budget?

London in living is pricey, but it’s possible to whisk your brood abroad and remain within a budget if you book at the Amhurst Hotel. The North London establishment offers wonderfully cheap and comfortable accommodation for just a fraction of the price of other London hotels.

Located in the leafy area of Stamford Hill in the London Borough of Hackney, the Amhurst Hotel is just a short walk away from Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington. Being on the doorstep to several train stations means the family can be in central London quickly and easily. The Amhurst Hotel is located in such a popular and lively area that the kids won’t be short of things to do, thus alleviating the stress for parents.

The size of the family rooms vary at Amhurst Hotel, and the facilities mean that Mum and Dad can sleep easy, knowing the kids will be comfortable in their own beds. The clean and spacious rooms offer up to three single beds and one double and can easily accommodate a family of up to five. Other perks that come with the room include free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee making facilities, so that much needed cup of tea is never far away.

The communal bathrooms are kept immaculately clean. Guests will always find the bathrooms sparkling, but for visitors who would prefer a bit more privacy there are en-suite bathrooms available with a number of rooms.

There are also self-contained rooms on offer for anyone who fancies cooking. Having access to a kitchen whilst on holiday can be a huge benefit to anyone who has young children. We all know that sometimes kids and restaurants just don’t mix, particularly if the restaurant does not offer what the children would prefer to eat, or if the kids are likely to get restless over the course of a long meal. The mini kitchen facilities have all the basic needs anyone should need to make a well balanced meal for the family. Self-catering also means that the savvy saver can keep an eye on the budget and not get any nasty surprises when it comes to settling their hotel or restaurant bill.

Furthermore, all guests staying at Amhurst Hotel are able to use the hotel’s gardens, which in the summer in particular offer a very pleasant place to eat and relax with the family.

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Looking for cheap business accommodation?

If you are a business traveller looking for cheap business accommodation in North London that is located to allow convenient access key business areas, you need look no further than the Amhurst Hotel.

As you may have seen through looking on hotel databases, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast and varied number of options of budget hotels in London. There are a few keys to selecting a good hotel without exceeding your travel budget.

Firstly, check out the facilities available. Although cheap business accommodation tends to charge low room rates, they may have limited facilities for their guests. A good budget hotel will be equipped with complimentary amenities such as internet access, parking spaces, and storage for luggage. These facilities are especially useful and important to a business traveller. You should also make sure that your budget hotel provides these facilities at no extra cost before you make a reservation.

Other facilities you may wish to consider that are less common in budget hotels include kitchen and dining facilities. These will enable you to cook your own food, so you can eat what you want when you want, without having to trawl London for an affordable restaurant that you like after a long day at work. You can then dine in leisure and in comfort in the hotel dining room.

Also think about the location. From your cheap business accommodation will you be able to access the places that you need to get to, and also be in easy reach of the many great tourist attractions and nightlife spots in London? You’ll need to make sure that the location is immediately within London and not 20km outside it, so that you’re travelling each day can be kept to a minimum.

Amhurst Hotel in North London ticks all of these boxes that are key elements of good budget business accommodation. So don’t waste your time working your way through the countless possibilities on the countless travel comparison websites, and go where you can get everything you require for your business trip in one place, with excellent customer service and for a low price.

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Things to Do in London – Night Edition

You’re not getting any younger, so you want to get all the clubbing and partying out of your system before you’re too old and it becomes socially unacceptable to have a night life. You’ve wanted to visit London for a while, but what do you do once you’re there? Firstly, save some cash for those nights out and get a budget hotel in London. The Amhurst Hotel offers a range of choices of cheap accommodation in London from basic rooms to fully self-contained units at low prices – with Wi-Fi for all. Now that accommodation is out of the way:

  • Ministry of Sound – a night at the Ministry of Sound is an absolute must. Regularly ranked in the top 10 clubs in the world there’s a dancefloor that will suit at least one of your tastes. With regular sets from superstar DJs including Tiesto and David Guetta a night here will leave a smile on your face.
  • Cabaret – London has one of the most astonishing cabaret scenes in the world with not only the long established venues going from strength to strength but top class underground venues popping up every month as well. Some of the best clubs include Cafe de Paris, Wam Bam Club, Madam Jojos, The Box and Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club all able to spice up your night.
  • The Comedy Store’s Gong Show – ‘Comedy’s Unofficial National Theatre’ is the is the place to go to crack up seven nights a week. Make sure to make it to the Gong Show (last Monday of every month) where you’ll see a bunch of up and coming comics either make or break – all decided by the audience!
  • Catch a gig – London is known for its musical roots with some of the most well known artists either moving there to get their break or hailing from there originally. There are an abundance of dedicated clubs so you’ll have to do some research to find which one holds your tastes.
  • Enjoy the pubs and bars – as with the music venues there are plenty of quality pubs and bars to go bottoms up. Why not have a crawl and try them all? Drink responsibly.

This is only a very short selection of the night time activities in London, take the trip and enjoy it for yourself, don’t forget to book a budget hotel in London to save some cash for those big nights out.

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Finding cheap hotel accommodation in London

When it comes to quality and cheap accommodation in London or around Islington, you can trust Amhurst – a budget hotel that provides the right accommodation and services to its guests.

Amhurst Hotel is conveniently situated in North London and it boasts quick access to Hackney and Islington. Guests can also gain easy access to central London to visit its landmarks. Take a short walk to Stamford Hill Broadway to shop and dine at the outlets and restaurants in the area. Alternatively, you could join the crowds when the sun sets in Camden Town and Shoreditch for a night out. If you want to enjoy nature, a walk to Finsbury Park, situated in the vicinity of the hotel, will deliver exactly what you need.

The budget hotel has a selection of rooms that come with and without ensuite bathrooms. Whether you are travelling alone or in a small group, there is cheap accommodation to match the requirements of every guest. As well as free towels and facilities to make your own drinks, Amhurst Hotel maintains every room with regular housekeeping services. This ensures guests will enjoy a neat, clean and comfortable room throughout the stay. You are also shielded from noisy conditions, as the surrounding environment is quiet to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Amhurst Hotel also provides a variety of facilities for their guests. Bring your laptop along as you can enjoy the free wireless internet access for work and entertainment during your stay. In case you arrive early or depart late, you can store your luggage at the designated storage area for convenience. Guests with their own vehicles can make use of the free parking within the hotel premises. If you want to do your own cooking or make your own coffee, feel free to use the cooking facilities in the kitchen and dine with comfort in the dining room. You can also take a leisurely walk around the garden at the back of the hotel, complete with benches and tables.

Amhurst Hotel delivers all of these quality features bundled with low room rates. It should be the first place that springs to mind if you need cheap and quality accommodation in North London.

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Things to Do in London – Family Edition

London, one of the most established and historic cities in the western world. With an abundance of attractions there’s no shortage of things to do with the family while on vacation. If you’re thinking of making the trip, book some cheap hotel rooms in London for the family, save some money and go wild while you’re there. Here’s some of the best attractions for the biggest day out in London:

  • Buckingham Palace – It’s not everyday that you’ll be this close to the Queen…so why not visit her official residence while you can? Buckingham Palace is one of the most recognised places in the world and the 19 wonderful state rooms are open to the public from late July to early October each year. While you’re there take a close look at the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress too.
  • National Gallery – housing some of the most historic paintings of Western Europe, the National Gallery is not only a fascinating place to wander around but also regularly holds workshops for the little ones.
  • Lee Valley White Water Centre – If you or your family have the adrenalin bug then make sure to get wet in the rapids at this brand new Olympic venue. You’ll have to get in before the 2012 games start though (don’t worry, it opens to the public again after the games have finished).
  • Open Top Bus Tour – we’ve all seen it in the movies, so why not experience it for yourself? The Original London Sightseeing Tour (or a range of other tours around town) are one of the most comprehensive ways to experience central London.
  • Catch a game – whether it’s cricket, football or another sport that you’re interested in, make sure to make some time to attend a game while you’re there. There are very many football, cricket and rugby stadiums around London, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.
  • Wander – if you’ve still got time, hop on one of the London Hire Bicycles and explore the city. With the spare money from using cheap hotel accommodation you’ll have plenty spare to indulge in the many exclusive stores and restaurants.

This is just an extremely short list of the many wonderful attractions in London. Save a bundle with cheap family accommodation in the UK at the Amhurst Hotel and enjoy everyday luxuries during your stay.

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Why Budget Hotels Are The Way To Go

When you think of budget hotels in London, you instantly think of backpackers, students and parties. Although this may be the case for some, there are plenty of family and business friendly hotels around. Whether you need short or long term stay, budget accommodation in London is the right choice for a number of reasons:


  • Higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean better experience – while this along with the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, may hold true in a number of areas, in the hospitality industry this is certainly not the case. Just like the ability to buy a top quality meal at a great price, finding a a top quality cheap hotel in the UK is a feat not impossible – you just have to know what to look for and where to look.
  •  Personalised service – when comparing a budget hotel in London to a luxury hotel you’ll notice a few things, a clear one is the amount of rooms in a budget hotel. With fewer rooms this means that there are fewer clients to service as well as quicker turnover time for cleaning.
  • The feeling of home – just as many homes aren’t filled with random pot plants with the feeling of cement all around you, neither are budget hotels. Budget accommodation in London, often due to small size will 9 times out of 10 feel just like home. Putting your mind at rest allowing you to enjoy your stay.
  • The unexpected perks – just as higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience, lower cost doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on any basic luxuries such as Wi-Fi internet connections, parking and lock up facilities for bicycles or even heating.

If you’re thinking of a holiday or business trip to the UK why not try out a cheap hotel in London. You may be surprised at the hospitality – as well as the money you save!

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Your Perfect Family Accommodation

Travelling is usually fun, although the budget must be thoroughly considered. This is particularly relevant when you’re travelling with the family and on a limited budget. Thus, where money is a concern, budget accommodation is a great choice.

At its simplest, budget family accommodation in the UK offer rooms without en-suite bathroom facilities. Instead, travelling families can take advantage of communal showers and bathrooms made available by the hotel. However, some budget hotels like the Amhurst Hotel do offer a few rooms that do have an attached bathroom, if required.

Even though they are shared facilities, they are a far cry from the dingy, ominous facilities of the local swimming clubs. Occupants can be assured that the hotel facilities are kept spick and span through regular cleaning. Paying less doesn’t mean you have to wade through the aftermath of someone else’s shower. Furthermore, cheap rooms don’t mean that you will spend the night fearing bedbug attacks either, or that every man, woman, and child(ren) will have to cram together on a bed the size of a postage stamp.

Like their higher-end counterparts, budget hotels have their guests’ comfort in mind. This means travelling families won’t have to worry about the kind of room they will get. Frequently, the “family room” contains 3 single beds, or 2 single beds and one double bed, which comfortably accommodates a family of 3 to 4. When the size of the family makes staying in one room impossible, a self-catering family hotel in London can accommodate to the family’s size, as well as providing rooms that accommodate only 1-2 guests.

Families that prefer their privacy will not be disappointed by what budget accommodation has to offer either. For example, all rooms at the Amhurst Hotel feature televisions and tea and coffee making facilities. En-suite rooms come with attached bathroom facilities, while self-contained rooms feature mini kitchen facilities, making them more akin to small apartments. As with the basic rooms available at a budget family hotel in North London, en-suite and self-contained rooms can accommodate up to 3 guests per room at any time.

Opting for budget accommodation when travelling with the family and on a tight budget is by no means considered “a step down”. Budget hotels like Amhurst Hotel provide facilities that ensure a comfortable stay, as well as perks such as free Wi-Fi and parking spaces. An added benefit is that they are usually situated in central locations, and guests can enjoy easy access to local culture and places of interest. Even though you will be staying in one of London’s budget hotels, you will feel like you are staying in a high quality hotel!

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The Benefits of Staying in Self-Catering Hotels

The cost of hotel accommodation largely continues to remain unchanged in the face of increased travel worldwide. However, budget-savvy travellers, and those travelling on a limited budget are now turning to self-catering hotels like Amhurst Hotel as a viable and less expensive alternative. Though, you might be wondering how a self catering hotel in London differs from a catered hotel. Both provide accommodation, yet the former provides facilities for guests to prepare meals and, in some places, do their laundry.

On the other hand, a catered hotel will usually provide breakfast, lunch and dinner through a restaurant or the like, which means never having to suffer through a breakfast of dry toast and over-cooked baked beans, or a heated up can of soup!

Food is one of the major considerations when it comes to a self catering family hotel in London. Imagine you have 3 small children and they prefer having lunch at different times. Room service from a catered hotel can result in an eye-popping bill at the end of the stay. However, self-catering allows you to prepare food as and when you need it, keeping travel expenses low.

Additionally, such accommodation encourages travellers to sample local cuisine, as these hotels are usually found in central locations where eateries abound. Having to prepare your own meals also allows you to shop locally, which provides travellers with the opportunity to experience local culture that is more “real” than one may experience on a hotel-guided tour.

Aside from food, staying at a self-catering hotel can also mean paying less for local tours. While all arrangements are made on your behalf, at catered hotels you would usually pay more for such conveniences in the form of higher room rates. In contrast, a self catering hotel in London would provide information on tours or locations of interest, to which the guest can travel independently, without being hit with the extra costs. Furthermore, travelling independently, using the city’s public transport systems is often a better way of getting to know the city.

A burgeoning sign of the times, self-catered hotels like the Amhurst Hotel provide all the conveniences of catered hotels but without the attached price tag.


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