Your Perfect Family Accommodation

Travelling is usually fun, although the budget must be thoroughly considered. This is particularly relevant when you’re travelling with the family and on a limited budget. Thus, where money is a concern, budget accommodation is a great choice.

At its simplest, budget family accommodation in the UK offer rooms without en-suite bathroom facilities. Instead, travelling families can take advantage of communal showers and bathrooms made available by the hotel. However, some budget hotels like the Amhurst Hotel do offer a few rooms that do have an attached bathroom, if required.

Even though they are shared facilities, they are a far cry from the dingy, ominous facilities of the local swimming clubs. Occupants can be assured that the hotel facilities are kept spick and span through regular cleaning. Paying less doesn’t mean you have to wade through the aftermath of someone else’s shower. Furthermore, cheap rooms don’t mean that you will spend the night fearing bedbug attacks either, or that every man, woman, and child(ren) will have to cram together on a bed the size of a postage stamp.

Like their higher-end counterparts, budget hotels have their guests’ comfort in mind. This means travelling families won’t have to worry about the kind of room they will get. Frequently, the “family room” contains 3 single beds, or 2 single beds and one double bed, which comfortably accommodates a family of 3 to 4. When the size of the family makes staying in one room impossible, a self-catering family hotel in London can accommodate to the family’s size, as well as providing rooms that accommodate only 1-2 guests.

Families that prefer their privacy will not be disappointed by what budget accommodation has to offer either. For example, all rooms at the Amhurst Hotel feature televisions and tea and coffee making facilities. En-suite rooms come with attached bathroom facilities, while self-contained rooms feature mini kitchen facilities, making them more akin to small apartments. As with the basic rooms available at a budget family hotel in North London, en-suite and self-contained rooms can accommodate up to 3 guests per room at any time.

Opting for budget accommodation when travelling with the family and on a tight budget is by no means considered “a step down”. Budget hotels like Amhurst Hotel provide facilities that ensure a comfortable stay, as well as perks such as free Wi-Fi and parking spaces. An added benefit is that they are usually situated in central locations, and guests can enjoy easy access to local culture and places of interest. Even though you will be staying in one of London’s budget hotels, you will feel like you are staying in a high quality hotel!

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