Finding cheap hotel accommodation in London

When it comes to quality and cheap accommodation in London or around Islington, you can trust Amhurst – a budget hotel that provides the right accommodation and services to its guests.

Amhurst Hotel is conveniently situated in North London and it boasts quick access to Hackney and Islington. Guests can also gain easy access to central London to visit its landmarks. Take a short walk to Stamford Hill Broadway to shop and dine at the outlets and restaurants in the area. Alternatively, you could join the crowds when the sun sets in Camden Town and Shoreditch for a night out. If you want to enjoy nature, a walk to Finsbury Park, situated in the vicinity of the hotel, will deliver exactly what you need.

The budget hotel has a selection of rooms that come with and without ensuite bathrooms. Whether you are travelling alone or in a small group, there is cheap accommodation to match the requirements of every guest. As well as free towels and facilities to make your own drinks, Amhurst Hotel maintains every room with regular housekeeping services. This ensures guests will enjoy a neat, clean and comfortable room throughout the stay. You are also shielded from noisy conditions, as the surrounding environment is quiet to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Amhurst Hotel also provides a variety of facilities for their guests. Bring your laptop along as you can enjoy the free wireless internet access for work and entertainment during your stay. In case you arrive early or depart late, you can store your luggage at the designated storage area for convenience. Guests with their own vehicles can make use of the free parking within the hotel premises. If you want to do your own cooking or make your own coffee, feel free to use the cooking facilities in the kitchen and dine with comfort in the dining room. You can also take a leisurely walk around the garden at the back of the hotel, complete with benches and tables.

Amhurst Hotel delivers all of these quality features bundled with low room rates. It should be the first place that springs to mind if you need cheap and quality accommodation in North London.

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