Film Lovers’ Guide to London

The film industry in London is very much alive, with continued support being given by the government, inspiring students and enthusiasts to help the capital become a favourite for premieres and festivals.

Leicester Square is located in the fashionable West End of London and is home to several cinemas that continually witness film premieres attended by popular actors and actresses. If you’re lucky, you have a big chance of running into a celebrity during the evening of the premiere.

Some popular films that have graced the screens of Leicester Square are Harry Potter (all eight of them), Lord of the Rings (all three of them) and James Bond (well, all of them). During the night of the premiere, the red carpet is rolled out, and fans gather around the plaza for a glimpse of their favourite celebrity. The lucky ones get an autograph or a photo opportunity as the stars make their way into the cinema.

The four main cinemas that surround Leicester Square are Empire Cinema, Odeon Leicester Square, Odeon West End and Vue. Tourists and locals flock to these cinemas whenever a premiere for a big-budget movie is announced.

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Further promoting the London film industry, the British Film Institute organises the annual London Film Festival, showcasing the best new films among entries from all over the world. Hollywood big shots such as Tim Burton and Ben Affleck lend their talents and workmanship to make up the 12-day celebration of film industry promotion and production.

It is a common sight to find participants in the French Cannes Film Festival being entered in the London Film Festival as well, adding credence to the competition’s status as a reliable source of new talent and directors to keep an eye on. Past participants include eccentric filmmaker Danny Boyle and versatile actor Ralph Fiennes. Occasionally, celebrities are also invited to stand as judges for the event.

Whether you’re staying in London or just visiting, be sure to include a night or two to catch a film at the cinemas in Leicester Square. Read about incoming premieres and find out how you can get tickets. If you feel that your film interest has reached a new height, then take a trip to the London Film Museum for a journey into cinema’s beginnings, struggles and documented success stories. The London film scene is as exciting as it has ever been, so make sure you don’t miss out when you’re in London.

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