Do Cheap Hotel Rooms in North London Exist?

How does £35.00 a night sound? London has recently been voted the top city in the world by readers of TripAdvisor and it is easy to see why – however, over the years London has also become one of the most expensive cities in the world. But with so much to see and do here, the cost of spending time in the city does not put off the millions of tourists who continue to visit every year, which will only be boosted by the Olympics and Jubilee. The key to an enjoyable and successful trip is to plan your budget and decide exactly how much you wish to spend on key expenditures such as accommodation.

If money is tight, then you need to find a cheap yet comfortable hotel in easy access of Central London (hotels in the heart of London are often double or triple the price!). Finding a cheap room in London is not always easy, but the Amhurst Hotel in Stamford Hill is guaranteed to suit families, tourists, backpackers and those on business. The budget hotel offers a variation of low prices, which are sure to fit your budget.

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide and the comfortable accommodation on offer. All our rooms provide excellent facilities, such as free wi-fi and clean towels. Guests with cars can park for free in the hotel grounds and can also take advantage of the communal kitchens, allowing you to prepare meals at your convenience.

Spending less on accommodation will mean you have more money in your pocket to spend on socialising, sightseeing and souvenirs. Before you arrive, draw up a list of some of the top attractions you wish to see during your stay in London. There is something for everyone, from the iconic London Eye to the famous London Dungeons.

Also, do not forget to check out the fantastic shops that are available on Oxford and Regent Street in Central London. The streets are world famous and attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. Staying at the Amhurst Hotel will mean you have more money to blow on clothes and shoes when you hit the shops.

London is an extremely vibrant place to visit at night too. You will find a vast array of bars, clubs and restaurants on every street across the city. The West End is an extremely popular place for tourists to visit and is home to several award-winning shows, such as The Lion King and Legally Blonde.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Amhurst Hotel and to London.

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