Boxing Day Sales in London – Where to go and how to survive!

On Boxing Day, the best bargains of the year are offered to Londoners and tourists. From London’s West End to the large shopping centres such as Westfield in Shepard’s Bush, shops drop their price down, with discounts of up to 70 per cent. Oxford Street and Regent Street are particularly popular places to hit the sales at this time of year.

Waking up from the previous day’s festivities and heading to the shops could get you some great deals and steals. For a memorable shopping experience with impressive loot to show for it, take note of the following tips and be a Boxing Day extraordinaire.

Plan your day

Figure out where the best places are to start your shopping. Often you need to start early in the morning for the most desirable items as you will have a lot of competition! Ask yourself if it’s worth it to brave the queue for specialty shops. Hot ticket items are often offered in short quantity and go quick.

Even before the day starts, check the schedule of the tube to see if there are any hitches such as the infamous strike of 2011. Know your other travel options so you can get ahead of the other shoppers.

Get fit and comfy

It’s not usual to receive health advice for your buying bonanza, but take heed because you may need it. The volume of shoppers that come from all over the world force some shops such as Selfridges to limit the number of people that they allow into the store. Before the doors open, the entrances get filled, so be prepared to stand for long periods of time.

Your boxing day experience will involve a lot of walking and waiting. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and be extra mindful of what type of footwear you plan to wear. It is also best to where accessible layers as although it will be chilly outside, the crowded shops can get very warm.

Do your research

It is well worth looking online in advance to decide what sort of items you are looking for and if there are any specific items you will be going for. Knowing what you want and being able to find it quickly can make the experience a lot less hectic and save you fighting through the Sale rails with everyone else.

When all is said and done, you’ll definitely feel exhausted but hopefully pleased with the bargains you have achieved. Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the city lights or enjoy a meal in one of London’s countless wonderful restaurants.

We at the Amhurst Hotel are here to help you get into the centre of London early and refreshed, and offer the convenience of being able to drop your purchases off an collapse on a nice cosy bed at the end of the day without having to face the rush-hour shopping commuters and traffic. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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