Looking for cheap business accommodation?

If you are a business traveller looking for cheap business accommodation in North London that is located to allow convenient access key business areas, you need look no further than the Amhurst Hotel.

As you may have seen through looking on hotel databases, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast and varied number of options of budget hotels in London. There are a few keys to selecting a good hotel without exceeding your travel budget.

Firstly, check out the facilities available. Although cheap business accommodation tends to charge low room rates, they may have limited facilities for their guests. A good budget hotel will be equipped with complimentary amenities such as internet access, parking spaces, and storage for luggage. These facilities are especially useful and important to a business traveller. You should also make sure that your budget hotel provides these facilities at no extra cost before you make a reservation.

Other facilities you may wish to consider that are less common in budget hotels include kitchen and dining facilities. These will enable you to cook your own food, so you can eat what you want when you want, without having to trawl London for an affordable restaurant that you like after a long day at work. You can then dine in leisure and in comfort in the hotel dining room.

Also think about the location. From your cheap business accommodation will you be able to access the places that you need to get to, and also be in easy reach of the many great tourist attractions and nightlife spots in London? You’ll need to make sure that the location is immediately within London and not 20km outside it, so that you’re travelling each day can be kept to a minimum.

Amhurst Hotel in North London ticks all of these boxes that are key elements of good budget business accommodation. So don’t waste your time working your way through the countless possibilities on the countless travel comparison websites, and go where you can get everything you require for your business trip in one place, with excellent customer service and for a low price.

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