Why cheap business accommodation should be considered

One of the most important factors in successfully running a business is the control of your budget and minimising costs where possible. Alongside this consideration, the need for networking and selling your business to prospective clients is also of utmost importance.

As well as being England’s capital city, London is also the business capital of Europe. Therefore, the ability to spend time in London as often as possible can be crucial to the success and continued growth of a business venture.

If you are planning to spend time in London for business purposes, especially for short stays, the need for cheap accommodation in a location that provides excellent access to The City and the financial centres around North London is paramount. Cheap business accommodation in London can enable frequent visits without stretching the budget of any business and ensure that the opportunities that London provides for a company can be fully exploited.

The Amhurst Hotel, situated in Stamford Hill, offers excellent access to the heart of North London and fantastic transport links to The City. The thriving areas of Camden and Shoreditch are close by and easily reached by car or public transport, as is thehub of the financial district, Canary Wharf.

The facilities on offer at the Amhurst Hotel are clean, spacious and comfortable, with rooms ranging from basic singles to triple, self-contained en-suite room. They also come with free parking and Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel and its grounds,sothere is every reason to choose the Amhurst Hotel when looking for business accommodation in London.

All rooms are priced on a ‘per-night, per-room’ basis and there is no minimum stay. So even if it is a flying visit for a single meeting or a week-long stay for a conference, the Amhurst Hotel is a cheap and convenient choice for any business trip.

If you are looking for cheap business accommodation in North London, then the Amhurst Hotel is the perfect choice to enable a comfortable, cheap and convenient stay in Europe’s business capital. For a price list and further information visit the our website at http://www.amhursthotel.co.uk

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