Save money with Amhurst Hotel – the Budget Hotel in London

It doesn’t matter what your needs are as the Amhurst budget hotel in North London is guaranteed to save you money when you visit the city. To help you keep on top of your budget, the hotel charges per night and rates are extremely good value.

Just 10 minutes walk away from several mainline train stations, visitors and tourists can relax knowing they can easily gain access to the city centre. Spending so little on accommodation also means that you’ll have money to spend on day trips and exploring London. Not only that, the budget hotel is just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Hackney and Islington where a whole array of restaurants, bars and shops can be found, perfect for mooching round.

The Amhurst Hotel is not only clean and comfortable, but offers visitors a vast amount of amenities at no extra cost. Guests can take full advantage of the free Wi-Fi if you have your laptop or Smartphone with you. There’s also free parking for anyone who has hired a car. Free parking is extremely rare in London and is certainly a great advantage to guests.

The hotel also boasts self-catering amenities, which is wonderfully convenient for families with children who need to eat at different times. It is also a great way for visitors to save money, as eating out on a daily basis can soon get very expensive. Local shops provide the basic ingredients to allow you to cook in at your convenience.

To continue to keep costs even lower, guests can opt to use the share bathrooms. Thanks to the immaculate cleaning and exceptional hygiene standards that the hotel offers, you won’t be disappointed with how you find the bathrooms. But for anyone who desires a little more privacy, there is also the option of paying a little bit extra for an ensuite bathroom. Towels are provided for everyone, as well as clean bedding.

The sizes of the rooms are very comfortable and cater for single travellers or families depending on your needs. Children are always welcome at the Amhurst Hotel and families of up to five can be catered for in one room.

Compared with other hotels in the area, Amhurst Hotel offers extremely good value and visitors can expect a peaceful and relaxing time. This hotel may be budget accommodation, but there is nothing ‘budget’ about what’s on offer.

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