Here Come the Olympics! What’s going on Apart from the Sporting Events?

Excitement for the Olympics is building at a rapid rate, especially since the torch landed in the UK earlier this month, and hotels are filling up fast in anticipation. Here at the Amhurst Hotel, we are dedicated to providing cheap family accommodation for those who wish to attend Olympic events without having to shell out for expensive places to stay.

Unfortunately with such high demand, not everyone will be able to attend the Olympic events. Tickets were issued a long time ago, and many people have been unable to get tickets to the events that they wanted to go to. If this is the case for you, then don’t worry; there are plenty of things going on in London apart from the actual sporting events.

Amhurst hotel in North London is surrounded by areas where a multitude of events and entertainment will be taking place right through the duration of the 2012 Olympics. If you wish to watch live coverage of the sporting events then there are numerous places that will be broadcasting them on large screens including Hyde Park, the Olympic Park, Victoria Park, and also Waltham Forest. All of these parks are within an easy travelling distance of our budget family hotel.

If you don’t want to watch any of the Olympic sporting events, but you do want to experience the atmosphere, then the London 2012 Festival is for you. This festival features an eclectic range of events, from performances by world famous musicians to cultural dance events, art exhibits, celebrity talks and everything in between.

If you are visiting London for the highly anticipated London 2012 Olympic Games and you are looking for family accommodation in the UK then the low cost Amhurst Hotel should definitely be considered. It is close to all major sporting events in the area, and also close to many other events that are taking place around the same time…and you can even hold your own events in our spacious garden area!

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