Here come the Olympics! What’s going on outside the Olympic Stadium?

The Olympics are fast approaching, and everyone wants to get a piece of the action! What many people are not aware of is the fact that there are a lot of sporting events taking place outside of the Olympic stadium, as well as within it.

It is the Olympic stadium that has seen the most publicity in the run up to this ancient sporting event. However, there are many sporting events taking place within the Olympic park as well. Here are some of the Olympic sporting events taking place around London.

Olympic Park Stratford – Within the Olympic Park Stratford there is going to be a huge range of different sporting activities for enthusiasts to observe. Some of the lesser-known Olympic events taking place in this area include BMX, hockey, basketball, handball, goal ball, and water polo among others. If you want to watch the any of the Olympics in person then this is one of the best opportunities.

Hyde Park – World famous and well known for a range of different events, Hyde Park is also going to be host to some of the world’s best athletes. The main focus will be on the incredibly popular Olympic sporting event; the triathlon.

The Mall – The Mall will be home to a vast range of different events, from road cycling to the race walk. Again, if you want to see some of the most popular Olympic events then you should definitely take a trip down to The Mall.

Lord’s Cricket Ground – If archery is something that you enjoy, then you should definitely take a trip to Lord’s Cricket Ground where the archery events will be taking place. If you are planning on travelling to London to watch the archery events then you are probably looking for a budget hotel in London. However, beware that the closer you get to the centre of London, the higher the accommodation prices become (particularly during this popular month)! The better option is to book a low cost hotel room in North London with accessible connections to the all of the Olympic venues.

The Amhurst Hotel is only six miles from Lord’s Cricket Ground, and is one of the best options, when it comes to finding a budget hotel in the UK. If you are looking for cheap business accommodation that will allow you to watch your favourite sporting events then the Amhurst should certainly be considered.

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